When you rent from us, you get a quality instrument that suits your student’s needs, your band director’s requirements and your budget.


AAA Band Rentals offers only high quality musical instrument rentals! With bargain/ No-name instruments, an irresistible price tag very often reflects a low quality instrument. On string instruments, this can show up as very poor tone and setup causing both students and teachers frustration. Often the metal instruments are made from “pot metal” at a low melting temperature. It is difficult to repair, especially to solder, and adjustments don’t typically last long. Repair parts can also be difficult or impossible to obtain. Costly repairs and never-ending performance problems typically result.

We feel strongly that a frustrating experience for a first-time player is a terrible reason for them to lose interest and quit! 
Instrument Rentals are a great way to allow your child to try an instrument without a large out of pocket expense! 

Plus, we make it easy to rent with simple online rentals and free delivery to most schools within Fairfield County, Ct.

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The Importance of Music

Throughout the years, research and case studies have proven the benefits of music education. The gifts of studying music include:
  1. Creative problem solving
  2. Controlled concentration
  3. Developed motor skills
  4. Greater emotional expression
  5. Acquired skills in the art of self-discipline
  6. Raised social status
  7. Creative interaction with other people
  8. Raised awareness of art, beauty and more
  9. These skills are as basic and useful as any other skills taught in school.— Allen Vizzutti from The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method
Ten-Year Study Shows Music Improves Test Scores Regardless of socioeconomic background, musicmaking students get higher marks in standardized tests.
UCLA professor, Dr. James Catterall, led an analysis of a U.S. Department of Education database. Called NELLs88, the database was used to track more than 25,000 students over a period of ten years. The study showed that students involved in music generally tested higher than those who had no music involvement. The test scores studied were not only standardized tests, such as the SAT, but also in reading proficiency exams. The study also noted that the musicians scored higher, no matter what socioeconomic group was being studied. — Dr. James Catterall, UCLA 1997
The challenge of the first few months Equipment should be of quality that offers the greatest assistance. Many beginners fail in the early stages because the instrument supplied is not in good playing condition or does not have the necessary properties to make it play with ease. Violin rentals, viola rentals, cello rentals, bass rentals, Eastman violins, Trumpet Rentals, Clarinet Rentals, Flute Rentals, Alto Sax Rentals, Baritone Horn Rentals, quality musical instrument rentals done monthly with no long-term contract.#instrumentrentals #rentalinstrument #norwalkct